662 Drew Brophy Graphic Mini Kick Board 21"

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  • 662 is the very first brand to bring the mini kick board to the market. Our own custom mold was shaped to perfection by late Eddie Solomon 10 years ago and it's been a best seller since. You wont be disappointed by the quality of this $24.99 board.

    Not your average Kickboard. Built like a bodyboard so it can withstand multiple types of uses. It’s perfect for any swim or body surf session, whether in the ocean, pool or lake. It’s perfect for all ages.



    *Custom Art Graphic Slick designed by world famous surf artist, Drew Brophy.
    •High-density slick bottom for speed
    •EPS epic core
    •XPE CROSSLINK DECK MATERIAL: A super fine cell structure made for the outer skin, crosslink is a foam
    characterized by its denser, more compact feel, and unwillingness to absorb water.
    •Best quality mini kick board on the market!

    Made for all ages! Enjoy!

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