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MS Delta Viper Icon (SUPER SOFTS) Swim Fins

Treat your feet to the luxurious comfort of the Delta Viper Icons "Super Softs"! Made from an extremely comfortable compound of Natural Malaysian Rubber, these Iconic Swim Fins are Super Soft designed to deliver you the utmost comfort!  Your feet will thank you…..

Made of a Super Soft, Floating Natural Malaysian Rubber Rubber Compound.

The winged tip off the inside rail directs water flow for enhanced control.
A straight cut angled blade reduces turbulent drag.

Size Chart:

  • S (m 5-6 / w 5.5-7)
  • MS (m 6-7 / w 7-8)
  • M (m 7.5-8.5 / w 8.5-9.5)
  • ML (m 9-10.5 / w 10-11.5)
  • L (m 11-12.5 / w 12-13.5)

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