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Ben Player Alpha Flex Quad Concave PFS-T PP Bodyboard

Ben Player Alpha Flex Quad Concave PFS-T PP Bodyboard

Three time world champion Ben Player brings you his signature range. A man who has excelled in the competition scene is also recognized as one of the best free-surfers in the world. Ben demands only the very best from his board and continues to refine the template, curves and features of all the boards in his range. You can be sure you're riding world champion stock when you pick up an NMD Ben Player.



  • ALPHAFLEX (Kinetic PP Ultra w/ Parabolic Gen 3 PFS Core)- Alphaflex represents NMD's next core evolution. By integrating the all new Kinetic Ultra 1.9lb, a higher modulus PP core, with our exclusive PFS-T technology, Mez has engineered a board without the need for a traditional tubular stringer. The end result is a ride that delivers a more direct torsional flex for incredible projection off the bottom and drive throughout hard carves. Alphaflex is specifically designed for elite riders wounderstand the intricacies between flex and speed.
  • Quad Concave Channels - The QuadConcave can be broken down into two parts:
    1. Central Double Concave - Tracks laminar (water) flow through the centre of the board keeping you higher on the wave face, which allows you to generate more speed into your bottom turns.
    2. Outer Venturi Channels - Draws the laminar flow from a wider entry point into a narrow exit through the tail. Based on Bernoulli’s principle, the laminar flow increases in speed as it progresses through the channel, giving you more drive.  
    The Quad Concave is precision shaped on our custom built AKU CNC shaping machine.
    The AKU gives us the ability to design progressive channel and concave set-ups with incredible accuracy and consistency previously not possible by hand shaping.
  • BP Grip Tech Deck Skin - Thermoformed textured grips promote superior wax build up for enhanced hand traction.
  • Surlyn Slick by DuPont Surlyn slick bottom skin is constructed from 1mm Dupont Surlyn backed with a composite layer of 1.5mm IXPE + 1.5mm IXPP for a total thickness of 4mm.
  • Mesh Slick - Mesh is a wire-like plastic material that sits between the slick and the Core. It enhances projection and makes boards more durable. It also cushions the stress boards receive when landing aerial moves. Good to know, next time you get some air time.
  • Crescent Tail
  • Nose Bulbs 

Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.


Board Dimensions


41” Player Alpha Flex PP

42” Player Alpha Flex PP

Nose- 11 7/8”

Nose- 12 1/8”

Width- 20 1/2”

Width- 21”

Nose to Wide Part- 18 3/4”

Nose to Wide Part- 19 1/4”

Tail- 17 1/2”

Tail- 18”

Finished Thickness-


Finished Thickness-


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