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V-5 Flex Orange Dot Swim Fins

The Classic Viper Yellow Dot is back by popular demand!

These floating fins are made with an ORIGINAL rubber material and have the classic yellow splash on the blade. V-5 MODEL The V-5 has a 5"" blade and is designed to be an all-purpose fin for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, and lifeguarding. The vertical side rails are slanted down to a narrow tip. The V-5 has excellent acceleration, maneuverability, tracking, and burst speed. The V-5 Model features less blade surface than the V-7, allowing for shorter and quicker kicks. 


The Flex model has the same dimensions as the V-5. It has an Orange splash, is more flexible, has less thrust, and is easier to kick.

Available in sizes:

Small (7-8)
Medium (8-9)
Large (9-11)
X-Large (11-13)

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