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We gladly accept all major credit cards, Visa, American Express, Discover,  and MasterCard,  We also accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, Shop Pay and Amazon Payments.

Once you place your order on our site, our credit card  system will immediately 'authorize' your credit card for the purchase amount. This authorization is not an actual charge, it is a pending payment. Once we verify everything ordered is available, we will prepare your order for shipping and charge your credit card at that time. If we cannot fulfill your order, your authorization amount will be released from our system within 48 hours.


Billing Address

When placing your order, be sure to enter the correct billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement or what is on file with the bank. If it is incorrectly entered on our site the card will be declined.


Additional Credit Card Security Measures

We take our customers credit card security very seriously. If for any reason we find an order to be suspicious or think it may be fraudulent we will contact you for additional information before we proceed with your order. If we determine that we cannot validate that you are the actual card holder we will cancel the order.


Prepaid Credit and Gift Cards

Prepaid cards and gift cards (any cards that are temporary and without your personal information) may or may not be accepted due to a missing billing address associated with the card. Our Address Verification System may reject the payment.

Some prepaid card and gift card issuers allow you to register your card, typically through their website. In some cases, registering your card and entering your name and mailing address will cause the card to work. Information on how to register the card is usually listed on the back of the card or the packaging the card came in.

 If you are still having problems with the payment please email us @ 

I have funds in my bank. Why is my card being declined?

If you entered all of the correct billing information and your card is being declined please call your bank and let them know you are trying to purchase from ES Water Sports, LLC. (662’s parent company)

With today's increasing credit card fraud some banks may decline a purchase if they think it is not authorized by the card holder.


Why is ES Water Sports, LLC on my bank statement and not 662?

ES Water Sports, LLC  is the parent company of 662 bodyboards.  We sell online, in store and also distribute world wide. If you are interested in buying in bulk or opening a wholesale account please contact

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