BOARD STIX .3 Mm Fine Tip Fluorescent Six Pack

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  • Paint Content : 9 ml.
    Stroke : 3.2 mm
    Nib : Polyester Bullet Nib
    "Fluorescent Pack" Contains:
    Fl. Blue, Fl. Green, Fl. Red, Fl. Magenta, Fl. Orange, Fl. Yellow
    Nibs are removable and washable with water.
    Boardstix® Pens mark opaquely on a wide range of surfaces and can be easily wiped off of non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth or blended with a damp sponge or brush.
    Please see our How to Use page on how to seal and make your painting permanent when finished.
    Any Acrylic spray clear coat will work. Other than Boardstix clear coat, you can use Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch in both matte and gloss, which can be purchased at most local hardware stores. Do not use an Enamel based clear coat.
    Paint is Water-Based and Safe to Use.