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The Best Bodyboards of 2024: Beginner & Pro-Level Options

A man holds a bodyboard as he approaches the ocean, a wave breaks in the background and there is a pretty sunset backdrop.

Looking to upgrade your bodyboard or find your first bodyboard? You’ve come to the right place!  Whether you're a beginner catching your first waves or an advanced rider looking to get more air, we've got a board option for everyone. At 662 Bodyboard shop, we have been helping customers find the best board for their needs for over 20 years and have organized a list of the highest quality bodyboards on the market for various riding preferences, water conditions, and body types. Before we get into our list of category winners, we must help the beginners with some tips on how to choose a board! 

How to Choose a Bodyboard

If you are looking to purchase your first higher end bodyboard that isn’t a low quality option off the shelf from your local tourist shop or big box store, we highly recommend learning more about the various factors that go into selecting the best bodyboard for your needs. The temperature of the water you ride in, your physical size, your performance goals, and the size of waves you plan to ride are example factors that play into selecting a bodyboard. Not taking the time to first learn about which type of board could be best for you can lead to a regrettable purchase, which is the last thing we want! You can learn everything you need to know about selecting a bodyboard by visiting our bodyboard buying guide.

Arguably the most important board quality to consider for most intermediate to advanced bodyboarders is the core material used in a bodyboard. Because of this, we have organized our category winners to feature the most popular core materials used along with other common board needs according to skill level, body size, and performance goals. To learn about how we select the best bodyboards, be sure to visit our how we test bodyboards section below. Now, let’s find your new favorite bodyboard! 

The Best Bodyboard Category Winners

Best Bodyboard for Beginners 662 HD 42.5" Bodyboard
Best Bodyboard for Kids 662 Ardian Boogie Board with leash
Best EPS Bodyboard NMD Storm Bodyboard
Best PE Bodyboard Hubboards Hubb Edition PE Deluxe Bodyboard
Best PP Bodyboard NMD Ben Player Spec PP Bodyboard
Best NRG+ PP Bodyboard Pride The Realest NRG+ Bodyboard
Best PFST-PP Bodyboard VS Winchester Alpha Flex Quad Concave WIFLY V2 PFS-T PP Bodyboard
Best Bodyboard for Large Riders Empire Maxx PP 3/2 Bodyboard
Best Bodyboard for 360 Spins Empire Botha PP+ 3/2 Bat Tail Bodyboard
Best Bodyboard for Aerials Player Quantum WiFly V2 + Grip Tech Bodyboard


Best Bodyboard for Beginners - 662 HD 42.5" Bodyboard

662 HD 42.5" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

Looking for an affordable board and it isn't your first rodeo in the surf? The 662 HD is a great board for those who are novices but need a little extra strength to help keep the board from buckling on you! It is an awesome entry level board and comes in size 42.5" which will fit most adults and older children.

It even comes with a FREE double swiveled leash to keep the board from washing away from you and the the coil prevents your arm from getting jerked when the board is in tension! An excellent feature is the WaveSlick HD slick which is a hard wearing, high-density slick bottom skin for improved board stiffness and speed. Then to top it all off, the 662 HD comes with 2x stringers for premium durability. (Stringers are composite rods that are placed through the board to help increase stiffness and prevent the board from buckling under pressure.)

Shop 662 HD 42.5" Bodyboards

Best Bodyboard for Kids - 662 Ardian Boogie Board with leash

662 Ardian Boogie Board with leash - 662 Bodyboard Shop

The 662 Ardian bodyboard will get you all set for a ton of fun in the water. Designed specifically for beginners, it has a crescent tail to keep you connected to the board and a crosslink top deck for strength when the waves get rough. A high-density slick bottom helps you reach faster speeds once you've caught a swell and are enjoying the wild ride; the polyurethane wrist leash prevents the board from becoming lost at sea.

Shop 662 Ardian Boogie Boards

Best EPS Bodyboard - NMD Storm Bodyboard

NMD Storm Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

Surge through a swell on your NMD STORM. Built with a precision-molded EPS core, a crescent tail and an IXLPE deck, it creates a comfortable, easy-to-control ride for any newbie not used to navigating the waves. High-density slick skin allows this bad boy to pick up some speed on the way back to shore; a leash and plug prevent the board from floating away when the water gets rough.

Shop NMD Storm Bodyboards

Best PE Bodyboard - Hubboards Hubb Edition PE Deluxe Bodyboard

The Hubb Edition PE Deluxe has Hubboards signature shape with a handhold line contour deck that enhances the rider's handling and board control. This model also features two EXT stringers (High-strength, epoxy fiber tubes for increased stiffness and board life).

Best PP Bodyboard - NMD Ben Player Spec PP Bodyboard

Three time world champion Ben Player brings you his signature range. A man who has excelled in the competition scene is also recognized as one of the best free-surfers in the world. Ben demands only the very best from his board and continues to refine the template, curves and features of all the boards in his range. You can be sure you're riding world champion stock when you pick up an NMD Ben Player. 

Core: KINETIC 1.5lb PP (K15) - Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, K15 is slightly lighter/ softer than Kinetic 1.9lb PP. Perfect for cooler water temps like Northern California, it is a cool water core specifically formulated to meet key performance characteristics as demanded by our worldwide team of the sports elite riders. It's great for riders looking for a bit more flex but not a pool noodle. K15™ gives you an even better mix of flex, recoil, projection and pop.

Shop NMD Ben Player Spec PP Bodyboards

Best NRG+ PP Bodyboard - Pride The Realest NRG+ Bodyboard

The Realest is Tristan Roberts (2019 World Champion) Pro-Model. Realest: adjective - term created by Tupac Shakur to describe a state of being honest, truthful, raw and respected.⁣⁣ A word that suits both Tristan Roberts and his riding to perfection, also inspired by his love for 90s hip-hop.

This model, equipped with NRG+, mesh & surlyn slick has more volume than other pro-model in our range. It is be ideal for strong riders in cold waters.

Shop Pride The Realest NRG+ Bodyboards

Best PFST-PP Bodyboard - VS Winchester Alpha Flex Quad Concave WIFLY V2 PFS-T PP Bodyboard

The all-new Quantum Series has been designed for the advanced rider and represents the pinnacle in advanced bodyboard design. We started with the dynamic loading principals of PFS-T and reconfigured the QuadConcave to match the tapered beam orientation. The result is the fastest board we’ve ever tested.

Shop VS Winchester Alpha Flex PFS-T PP Bodyboards

Best Best Bodyboard for Large Riders - Empire Maxx PP 3/2 Bodyboard

The Ultimate high end big rider board at a great price! The Empire Maxx has everything you need in a high performance board and it's designed specifically for the larger rider. This is one of the most durable boards on the market featuring not only 2x stringers but a thickened core to support its pilot. The template is designed with a bat tail to maximize speed off those bottom turns. Don't get bogged on a board too small for you, pick up an Empire Maxx and start ripping in no time.

Shop Empire MAXX PP 3/2 Bodyboards

Best Best Bodyboard for 360 Spins - Empire Botha PP+ 3/2 Bat Tail Bodyboard

Andre Botha has proved himself to not only be one of the best competitive riders in the world, winning back to back World Titles at ages 17, and 18, he is also known as one of the heaviest chargers in the world. His relaxed riding style paired with his ability to catch the craziest waves in the world has made him into one of the most dynamic riders the sport has ever seen. 

The protruding bulb on the bat tail of this board increases the boards planning surface at the tail area for down the line speed with wings that lock the tail in throughout the turn. Bat Tails are looser which provides you less control, but makes it easier to do 360 spinners! 

Shop Botha PP+ 3/2 Bat Tail Bodyboards

Best Best Bodyboard for Aerials - Player Quantum WiFly V2 + Grip Tech Bodyboard



The all-new Quantum Series has been designed for the advanced rider and represents the pinnacle in advanced bodyboard design. We started with the dynamic loading principals of PFS-T and reconfigured the QuadConcave to match the tapered beam orientation. This is one of the fastest and most durable boards we’ve ever tested, making it perfect for aerials! 

Dual Divinycell PFS beams feature 1° of toe-in from tail to nose. This effectively positions the beams in-line with the leading hand, elbow and hip for optimal dynamic loading, resulting in enhanced flexion recoil and projection.

The new tapered Quad Concave is shaped with custom-built Aku CNC precision. The angled taper follows the PFS-T beam orientation, creating hydrodynamic lift through the tail for lightning fast board speed and enables quicker release out of turns without sacrificing edge control.

Shop Player Quantum WiFly V2 + Grip Tech Bodyboard 

Final Thoughts

Whether you're hitting the beach for the first time or looking to add a new board to add to your collection, we hope that this guide will help you shop confidently!


If you still need help shopping feel free to contact us anytime, we love helping people find their new favorite board. Stay tuned for updates and new additions as we continue to test and review the latest offerings in the bodyboarding world! 

How We Test Bodyboards

At 662 Bodyboard Shop, we are committed to helping you find the highest quality products from the best brands the bodyboarding industry has to offer. Our product testing process is rigorous and designed to provide the most reliable recommendations. Here's how we ensure the bodyboards we recommend are quality options:

20+ Years of Experience with Bodyboard Design & Engineering

662 Bodyboard Shop was launched in 2003 out of a small garage by Eddie Solomon, a Southern California bodyboarder known for his aggressive, big wave riding at legendary spots like Waimea Shorebreak and The Wedge. For close to ten years, he operated several bodyboard only stores and launched one of the first and most successful online bodyboard shops in existence. During this time, he worked closely with bodyboard industry pioneers to learn about bodyboarding design and engineering, in order to launch his own bodyboard and swim fin brands. 

Utilizing these years of experience passed on by Eddie, we work closely with board manufacturers to advance board design and produce products that offer optimal performance. We also collaborate with other bodyboard brands to bring you the best boards available on the market, helping us stay up to date on the latest materials, core types, channel designs, and all of the innovations that go into modern bodyboards. 

Hands-On Testing

Nothing quite beats real-world testing. Our team takes each board into the ocean to evaluate its performance in various wave and water conditions. We also collaborate and sponsor some of the greatest bodyboarders in the world, helping us collect advanced insight on how our boards are performing in various conditions. This hands-on approach helps us understand how a board performs in practice, from catching waves, to maneuverability, flex, speed and more.

Collecting Customer Feedback

We listen to the bodyboarding community, which includes you! Customer reviews and feedback are integral to our assessment, providing insights into the durability, performance, and overall satisfaction of each board over time.

By combining years of experience with board design, hands-on testing, and collecting customer feedback, we are confident in helping you find the best board possible! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bodyboard?

There is no single, "best bodyboard" as different board types, sizes, and features will suit different riders better. The best bodyboard for your needs is dependent on your physical size, water conditions you will be riding in, performance goals, among other considerations. You can learn everything you need to know about choosing a bodyboard by checking out our bodyboard buying guide

What size bodyboard do I need? 

Check out our sizing chart below for estimates that work for most riders and most bodyboard brands, but be sure to consider your body size and personal performance preferences. What works for one person may not work for another, so some bodyboarders will ride different sized boards before finding the perfect fit. Follow the chart below to see which size bodyboard could be best for you!


Board Length (inches)

Rider Weight (lbs)

Rider Height (ft.' & in.")

32" - 34"

40 - 64

Under 4'

36" - 38"

65 - 85



86 - 115

4'6" - 5'2"


110 - 130

5'3" - 5"6"

41" - 41.75"

125 - 170

5'7" - 5'9"


145 - 180

5'9" - 6'0"


160 - 190

5'10" - 6'2"


170 - 210

6'1" - 6'3"


180 - 270

6'2" - 6'4"


195 - 255

6'3" - 6'6"





What’s the difference between a bodyboard and boogie board?

To answer this, we have to start with the origins of modern bodyboarding. Modern bodyboarding can be traced back to 1971 in Hawaii when Tom Morey created the very first bodyboard, originally dubbed the "Boogie Board". This is where the distinction between Boogie Board and bodyboard lies - “Boogie Board” is the brand name from Morey, whereas bodyboard or bodyboarding, is the name of the sport itself. 

Besides a board, what else do I need to begin bodyboarding?

In addition to your board, getting a pair of quality swim fins is the next most important piece of equipment for bodyboarding. If you aren't sure which style or size of swim fins would serve you best, be sure to check out our swim fin buying guide. Besides swim fins, there's also a variety of bodyboard accessories such as wetsuits or rash-guards for cold water riders, board leashes, swim fin accessories, board repair kits, and more! 

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