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Solarez Microlite 2oz

Solarez Microlite 2oz - 662 Bodyboard Shop
Solarez Microlite 2oz - 662 Bodyboard Shop
Lightweight, Sandable Filler
Formulated especially for surfboard [urethane] foam repair. For deep dings. Lightweight and easy to sand. Cures either by UV light in approx 3 minutes or by MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes.
  • Solarez Microlite
  • Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader card.
  • Viscosity, Brookfield, cPs Colloidal gel
  • Appearance translucent white
  • DOT Flammability Rating, °F 76-100
  • Monomer content % 35

    SOLAREZ Microlite is a lightweight colloidal gel made of UV-stable, DUAL-CURE polyester resin and 3M microballoons. Make no mistake in confusing 3M Microballoons with Q-cel. 3M Microballoons are clearly the better choice for a variety of reasons such as chemical composition, consistency in size and strength-to-weight ratio. This all imparts better behavior like spreadability, sanding and fairing qualities, shrinkage, adhesion and overall strength. Microballoonʼs spherical structural is ubiquitously demonstrated in physics and nature as the strongest structure per given area. Microballoons “nest” into microscopic voids and give good mechanical tooth at the same time reducing polymer shrinkage and increasing structural stability. Mechanically, the compound sands very nicely and is unequaled as a primer substrate for further laminations or final paint.

    The fact that this is a vey low exothermic resin, hence low-shrinkage resin make it an outstanding choice for a potting compound and structural base for leash plugs, fin boxes or plugs. A very common mistake is made when utilizing leftover laminating resin for use in potting fin plugs, boxes or leash plugs. Laminating resin has a much “hotter” promoter system that is designed to cure resin in thin films. Larger masses of resin, like that in cavities for plugs or boxes allow the resin to exotherm and shrink, pulling away from the walls of the cavity. Microlite is also is an excellent choice where compressive strength is of importance such as deck foundations

    Not for use on Styrofoam (EPS).
  • Solarez Microlite 2oz - 662 Bodyboard Shop
    Solarez Microlite 2oz - 662 Bodyboard Shop

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