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662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard

662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

662 4X LTD Quad Concave Slick With Double Stringer

When designing the new 662 model we wanted to make high end professional bodyboard features available to all skill levels at a great price. Bodyboards with the features included in the new 662 Pro Bodyboard typically retail anywhere from $200-$400. No other bodyboard brand in the world carries EPS price point models with a stringer or concave feature. This is typically reserved for professional models.

Quad Concave Channel Slick Design

A design feature, known as a Concave, is a large channel running half the length of the bodyboard through to the back of the hull.  This feature is designed to streamline water flow through the center of the board keeping you higher on the wave face, which allows you to generate more speed into your bottom turns and gives the rider greater control. Whether the rider is on a 2 foot wave or 6 ft wave the channels provide additional speed with the benefit of added grip and power in turns. For someone that isn’t an experienced wave rider this will make catching waves much easier and more enjoyable.

Double Stringer

The 662 FGS Stringer systems are Fiberglass rods used to add strength, increase stiffness and to help maintain good rocker. Stringers lengthen the life of a bodyboard making it almost impossible to snap. During production, stringers are inserted into the center of the core. They start at the tail and end 8" from under the nose of the bodyboard. Higher end professional type bodyboards always have anywhere from 1 to 3 stringers. Not only do they provide the extra strength they also improve the way the board maneuvers and handles in the water. Boards without stringers can flex too much slowing the riders speed down.

Full Deck Contour

Contour configurations improve your grip and lock your body into the position on the Bodyboard adding comfort and control for your elbows, hands, forearms, hips, and also lower torso

Full Line Contour

These deck contours run along the side edge of the left and right side of the board. These offer extra grip, comfort and help you hold on through duck dives or heavy landings.

Elbow Contours

Elbows Contours help the rider with correct elbow placement when wave riding. 

Deck and Slick Bulbs/ Handgrips

Foam bulbs are positioned at each corner of the nose on the deck and slick side of the bodyboard. These enhance finger grip, better hand placement and control.(top of the board) .  If you grip the nose/top of our board versus our competitors you will notice a distinct difference in hand placement comfort. We not only have the raised bulbs on the deck we’ve also included them on the slick side for complete grip and comfort.


Double Swivel Coil wrist leash

The 662 Pro model features Polyurethane coils, Double Stainless Steel Swivels w/360 degree movement, Neoprene padded wrist strap and a Heavy Duty Leash Plug with top access for easy leash removal. Our competitors only use a basic non swivel leash which restricts the movement and flow of the leash in the water. Double swivel leash features is an industry standard for professional models.

EPS Core

We use the highest grade Expanded Polystyrene material in all of our boards.

XPE Deck Material

Heat laminated never cheaply glued. We use the highest quality deck foam that has great recoil properties to avoid creasing.

HDPE Slick Material

Crescent Tail

This provides great control for all levels of riding.

60/40 Rails

60/40 is the rail angle ratio which provides the control of the Bodyboard and makes turning on the wave easier. 

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662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
662 4X LTD 42" Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

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