Sen No Sen|662 4.3mm Yulex Steamer

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  • Sen No Sen and 662 have joined forces. 
    People from the Ocean. 

    This is our line of the most efficient and environmentally friendly material.

    Yulex is natural rubber while neoprene is synthetic rubber. It is made from Hevea tree sap which is grown in a sustainable and renewable way (FSC certified). 

    combinations in Yulex™
    • Surfing suit 4/3mm to surf in water between 8 and 14°c.
    • FrontZip closure for a easy to put on and make rowing easier because there are no pressure points on the shoulders or back.
    • Hand-assembled for a better non-standard service life.
    • Glued stitch and inner band for a excellent insulation 
    • Combination light, dries quickly.
    • Cut designed for a maximum comfort and uncompromising freedom of movement while maintaining excellent posture.


      Handmade with love.