Sen No Sen|662 3.2mm Yulex Steamer

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  • Sen No Sen and 662 have joined forces. 
    People from the Ocean. 

    Here is our line of wetsuits in Yulex™ , the most performing material respectful of the environment.

    Yulex is natural rubber while neoprene is synthetic rubber. It is made from Hevea tree sap which is grown in a sustainable and renewable way (FSC certified). 

    • Surf suit 3/2mm to surf in water between 14 and 18°c.
    • FrontZip closure for a easy to put on and make rowing easier because there are no pressure points on the shoulders or back.
    • Hand-assembled for a better non-standard service life.
    • Glued stitch and inner band for a excellent insulation 
    • Taped inside
    • Combination light, dries quickly.
    • Cut designed for a maximum comfort and uncompromising freedom of movement while maintaining excellent posture.
    • A green recycled jersey lining inside for added warmth.
    • 662 Bull Stamp on the back side 

    Handmade with love.