Mike Stewart Gyroll Ultra Light Bodyboard Bag

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  • The Ultra-Light is made of easily compressible rip stop nylon and is the only single day use board bag that you can fit in a small back pack pocket.  
    • FREE Detachable Changing Mat
    • Enlarge the image to see how it folds out.
    • Fits 1 board up to 43.5" or two boards up to 41.5".
    • 3 Exterior fin and accessory pockets (2 dry and 1 mesh)
    • Backpack strap converts into a shoulder strap
    • 2 Mesh webbing back straps
    • 2 Briefcase straps

    Folding instructions. 

    1. Empty bag completely
    2. Open all zippers on Top Pouch close all the other zippers
    3. Flip bag over so back pack straps are up
    4. Fold sides inward to the width of the inner bag
    5. From bottom of bag roll tightly up towards the nose in hand length folds.
    6. Once all the way at the top, flip the bag over
    7. Peel back the top pouch lid until the inner pouch lid is exposed
    8. Grab the inner pouch lid and fold it back up and over the bundle
    9. Stuff edges and zip it up.