Mike Stewart Gyroll Tri Pouch Bodyboard Bag

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  • The Mike Stewart Tri-Pouch Bodyboard Bag with removable changing Mat: I have traveled around the world a number of times with a Tri-Pouch, regardless if your gear is wet, damp, or dry; it's as easily carried to your local break or to the far ends of the globe!- Mike Stewart 

    • Fully Padded Board Compartment
    • Improved Shoulder Harness
    • Two Heavy Duty external Pockets
    • One Durable External Mesh Pocket
    • Tail Bumper to rest on
    • Padded Handle
    • Quick Release padded shoulder strap
    • Change Bag Receptacle Strips

    • External dimensions: 45" x 25"
    • Fits 1 board up to 44" or two boards up to 43.5".
    • Fits 3 board up to 42"