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Empire Sasaki Crossover Bodyboard

My whole life, I have ridden waves. 50 of them bodyboarding around six different continents. Looped around the world so many times I have lost count of where I have been and when. Have had magic boards shaped for me the last 30 years but never at the consistency which Broady Asia has afforded. The shape you see embodies my experiences in waves of all shapes and sizes. While my career was built as a drop-knee guy, my board has a slightly higher wide point and narrower tail in comparison which allows long arching turns as well as quick snaps. It is a perfect crossover during the rare occasion I prone ride. The color scheme of this board dates back to 1994 and I am extremely proud to share this shape and vintage colorway with you, using the very best of modern materials and under the Empire name. A name that means much more to me than just a brand. Each time I ride a wave, I feel my relationship with Eddie Solomon, the creator of Empire. I hope you will encounter the same sense of pride and history as I do with the Sasaki DK Model.

-Keith Sasaki


  • 1.9 lb PP ULTRA KINETIC CORE™ (K19)
  • 41.5” 1X STRINGER 
  • 42.5 - 1X & 2X STRINGER OPTIONS
  • RAIL RATIO : 65/35
  • 56mm- 41.5 
  • 58mm- 42.5 
  • DROP-KNEE or PRONE Ridable 

Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.

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