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NMD Ben Player Spec PP Bodyboard

 NMD Player Spec Polypropylene w/ Contours Bodyboard 

Three time world champion Ben Player brings you his signature range. A man who has excelled in the competition scene is also recognized as one of the best free-surfers in the world. Ben demands only the very best from his board and continues to refine the template, curves and features of all the boards in his range. You can be sure you're riding world champion stock when you pick up an NMD Ben Player.


  • KINETIC 1.5lb PP (K15) -  Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, K15 is slightly lighter/ softer than Kinetic 1.9lb PP. Perfect for cooler water temps like Northern California, it is a cool water core specifically formulated to meet key performance characteristics as demanded by our worldwide team of the sports elite riders. It's great for riders looking for a bit more flex but not a pool noodle. K15™ gives you an even better mix of flex, recoil, projection and pop.
    • HDPE Slick
    • 1x React Stringer System on the 40"- 42"
    • 2x React Stringer System on the 43"
    • Player Contours
    • Crescent Tail
    • Buzz Tech Lamination
    • Aku P Channels
    • Bull Grips

    Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.


    Board Dimensions


    40” Player Spec PP

    41” Player Spec PP

    42” Player Spec PP

    43” Player Spec PP

    Nose- 11 1/2”

    Nose- 11 7/8”

    Nose- 12 1/8”

    Nose- 12 1/2”

    Width- 20”

    Width- 20 1/2”

    Width- 21”

    Width- 21 1/2”

    Nose to Wide Part- 18 1/4”

    Nose to Wide Part- 18 3/4”

    Nose to Wide Part- 19 1/4”

    Nose to Wide Part- 19 3/4”

    Tail- 17 1/8”

    Tail- 17 1/2”

    Tail- 18”

    Tail- 18 3/8”

    Finished Thickness-


    Finished Thickness-


    Finished Thickness-


    Finished Thickness-


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