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Family owned and operated since day one, Empire Bodyboards was born in 2005 in Southern California. Empire sets itself apart by offering a wide variety of products that cater to high-performance riders, all the way down to the weekend warrior and first-time riders. Andre Botha, the South African, 2x World Champion is Empire's leading man and his pro model is the pinnacle board for all conditions. Having proven himself in some of the world's heaviest waves including Teahupo'o, Pipeline, and El Fronton, he became a World Champ for the first time at age 18. Since then, he has won a second title, scored minute long barrels at Skeleton Bay and even saved a life at Pipeline in 2015. The limits are endless for Andre, as he continues to show he is still one of the top riders in the world. All of Empire's high-performance boards are manufactured in Nick Mezritz's factory in Indo, which is widely known for their high-quality bodyboard craftsmanship. Still based in California, they are one of the last few brands headquartered in the US. They have sponsored underground riders from their inception on their Flow Team, which has helped countless riders progress and move through the ranks. The team is very diverse, boasting a team full of riders from nearly every continent. Tristan Ray and Seabass Perez are two riders who grew up within the Empire brand and have progressed their riding over the years, riding waves all over California, including the infamous Wedge. See more on Empire at

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