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Conceived from the genius mind of the late, great Eddie Solomon, Ally Floating Swim Fins are the perfect combination of comfort and power, providing the ultimate solution for your swim fin needs. Made from the finest quality natural rubber designed for bodyboarding and bodysurfing. It's soft foot pocket with stiff blade offers increased acceleration and super fast take offs, making it easier to catch waves. They feature a bat tail like blade, with two rods for maximum thrust and power. The traction bottom with a breather hold at the bottom of the foot pocket allow for proper drainage and helps sand and broken shells to circulate out. A curved ankle strap decreases irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball, as well as improving comfort. These fins have been tested in the wildest conditions around the planet and there's no reason to look elsewhere for a fin that you can count on, not matter how big or small the conditions are. Ally floating swim fins come in two different blade options. One being the famous bat tail like blade and the other having more of an edge blade. Check them out today!

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