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United PE Bodyboard

United PE Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

The United PE Bodyboard is an ideal choice for wave riders who are looking for a performance-oriented bodyboarding experience. Made from strong and durable PE material, this bodyboard comes with a variety of features that help provide a smoother and more enjoyable ride, including double stringers, nose bulbs and a crescent tail. Get ready to take on the waves with the United PE Bodyboard.


  • Polyethylene (PE) Core
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Double Stringers
  • Buzz Tech Lamination
  • Channels
  • Crescent Tail

Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.

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United PE Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

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