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Get the essentials or take your bodyboarding experience to the next level with our wide variety of accessories! We offer bodyboard leashes, bags, swim fin tethers, fin socks, board wax, bodyboard repair kits, sunscreen, towels... You name it! Whether you're hitting the water for a quick dip before work, or hitting the beach all day, don't go unprepared. Shop accessories from top brands such as Sticky Bumps, Gyroll, Empire, Pride, Hubboards, NMD, Creatures of Leisure and more!

Sticky Bumps Punt Bits

Sticky Bumps

$ 2.95

Creatures Of Leisure Fin Savers

Creatures Of Leisure

$ 23.00

Gyroll Ultra Light Bodyboard Bag
Sold Out
Creatures Of Leisure Fin Tethers

Creatures Of Leisure

$ 16.00

H2Odyssey Ultra Sock 3mm


$ 26.99

H2Odyssey Ultra Sock 5mm


$ 29.50

ISS SoftFlex Stringer
Sold Out
ISS SoftFlex Stringer


$ 39.99 $ 55.99

ISS MidFlex Stringer


$ 40.99 $ 57.99

ISS StiffFlex+ Stringer


$ 43.00 $ 61.99

ISS Carbon Fibre Stringer


$ 46.99 $ 66.99

Gift Card

662 Bodyboard Shop

From$ 10.00

Surf Ears 3.0

Surf Ears

$ 60.00

Base Coat Wax

Sticky Bumps

$ 2.25

Sticky Bumps Day Glo Warm/Trop

Sticky Bumps

From$ 2.25

662 V DVD


$ 1.00

Gyroll Wheelie Case


$ 189.99

DaFiN Fin Pad


$ 12.99

Sticky Bumps Day Glo Cool/Cold

Sticky Bumps

From$ 2.25

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