662 Beastmaster Pro 45"

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  • Beastmaster Bodyboard 45"- Double stringer

    • Double FIBER TECH STRINGERS: Stringers are fiberglass rods inserted into the center of the board. They are used to add strength, increase stiffness, and help maintain a good rocker, substantially lengthening the life of the Bodyboard. 
    • IXPE Crosslink top deck for durability TDG (Thermoformed Deck Grip) design helps riders stay connected to the board through a pattern of ergonomic grooves molded into the deck surface
    • Nose bulbs are positioned at each corner of the nose to enhance finger grip
    • High-density slick bottom for speed
    • High-grade EPS foam core
    • CHANNELS: When Bodyboarding, the section of the board that is in contact the most with the water is the back corner. Channels increase the surface area of the slick maximizing contact with the wave which gives the rider the ability to draw better lines, hold a rail better and apply more power turns.
    • Coiled leash with neoprene cuff
    • 60/40 DOUBLE RAILS: Adding an additional side rail on the Bodyboard gives more stiffness and durability to the bodyboard. 60/40 is the rail angle ratio which provides the control of the Bodyboard and makes turning on the wave easier. 

    Our Big Guy Board is for riders 5'11"+ and weighing 190-300+ lbs.

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