ZION Vault 4/3 Steamer Black Wetsuit XS

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  • ZION Vault 4/3 Steamer - The newest member to the Zion family. Designed and perfected for the dude that don't wanna feel no zip down his back.

    Zion is Bodyboarding's leading wetsuit brand.


    • 100% External S Seal Liquid Taped
    • GBS Construction
    • 100% Superstretch
    • Ultimate Easy On & Off chestzip design
    • New & Improved complete ergonomic fit
    • Bamboo Charcoal Internal jersey
    • 3D ink Logo's
    • Koot approved stash pocket

    The Brainchild of former pro Bodyboarder Ryan Mattick, has developed Zion for purpose built bodyboarding use in mind. Tried and tested from A Frame wedgy beachbreaks to Hollow reef slabs, this is the wetsuit for you if you're a committed bodyboarder. Stay warm this winter in one of these.

    Zion's Dream Team consists of:
    Jase Finlay
    Sam Bennett
    James Kates
    Chris James
    Jame Koots Cayley
    Joe Clarke
    Alex Bunting
    Jarrad Houston
    Elliot Morales​

    **Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping**