ZION Matrix 3mm Split Toe Booties

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ZION Matrix 3mm Split Toe Booties
Don't let a little ice get in the way of pumping pits. Tried and tested from the depths of a PNW Yeti winter to the 5 degree snow melt rivers of Southern NZ. Zion now has you covered from head to toe for any water gig.
  • 3mm
  • Glued and Blind-stitched
  • 3D ink logos
  • hard rubber sole with diamond emboss for mad traction

It's best to get these badboys on tight as they will stretch out to fit:

Foot size guide 
Small- 7 – 8.5 
Medium- 9 – 10.5 
Large- 11 – 13 

***Estimate 2 weeks for shipping***