VS Stubbie Stand Up PP 46" Bodyboard

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VS Stubbie Stand Up Bodyboard 

Taking Stand up Bodyboarding to the highest levels! 

  • Length 46" 
  • Core Kinetic PP (uses a full PP plank) 
  • Deck NXL Bumpers IXLPE 
  • Inner Rails IXLPE 
  • Outer Rails (X4) 8lb Non-crosslink PE 
  • Stringers 2X Stringers 
  • V Swallow Tail 

"A Stubbie in OZ are those neoprene beer coolers that a can or bottle can slip into. "Stubbies" were also these super tight shorts back in the 70's. Kinda like Dickies in the USA, but way smaller. Stubbies sponsored the 1st big pro man on man surf comp in Oz, which was held on the Goldy back in the 70's - the Subbies Pro. I like the Stubbie name in that it refers to the "Stubbed" or squashed nose of our Stand Up Boogie. If you google images for Stubbies you get a few old school surfboards." - Nick Mesritz