Viper Vector V5 Surf Swim Fins

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  • Introducing the new Viper Vector! They are made with a new High-Tech material. It is the same material their factory uses to make SCUBA fins for US Special Forces. This material is lighter for an easier kick, FLOATS much better, more durable, Ozone resistant, RECYCLABLE, and is slick on wet skin so it is MUCH more comfortable and does not grab skin like rubber. This reduces blistering and eliminates the need for the padding in the foot pocket. The blade of the fin is symmetric. The Viper's strength does not come from being rigid and stiff. It comes from the blade's patented design which produces torque (an increasing resistance to flex) and "snap" to the blade (memory). These actions channel the water between the vertical side rails and off the straight blade tip for a directed thrust. This produces the most efficient kick possible. - X Small 5-7 -Small 7-8 -Medium 8-9 -Large 9-11 -X large 11-13