Toobs Buzz PP Bodyboard

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Board Features 
Polypropylene core
HDPP Slick bottom
Nose grips
Crescent tail

Available in 
40 inch, nose 11.5″, width 20.375″ @ 17″ down from the nose, 16.75″ tail
41 inch, nose 11.75″, width 20.875″ @ 17.5″ down from the nose, 17.125″ tail
42 inch, nose 12.125″, width 21.375″ @ 17.875″ down from the nose, 17.625″ tail

Legends of innovation and progression, Mike Brum (MB) and Buzz (B) have worked side by side throughout the years developing and progressing the crafts that we now ride while helping to cultivate the careers of some of the industry’s most influential shapers.