The Return of MOVEMENT Magazine

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  • The Return Of Movement Magazine

    What is Movement? It’s a space to for bodyboarders to hang out, share surf stories and wax on what’s cool. But it’s been asleep for the last four years. Now, it’s awoken and returns even bigger and better than before. No, really – at 200 pages, it’s a hefty beast. 

    In this glorious return issue, you’ll find: 

    • Features on far-flung lands (from chasing waves and near-death in Scotland with Ben Player, to traversing the volcanic isles with Lewy Finnegan and Pierre Louis-Costes and reminiscing on the best Hawaii season ever with five young guns) 
    • Conversations with fresh faces and heavy-hitters of the sport (like our exclusive interview with comeback kid, Mitch Rawlins) 
    • The best wave-riding images immortalized in print form (from shooting alien landscapes with renowned adventure man, Chris Burkard, to 30 pages of BANG - pure, unadulterated surf porn) 
    • The low-down on the new world tour featuring Mike Stewart, Amaury Lavernhe and more 
    • Poster inspiration with everyone’s favourite bodyboarder, Dave Winchester 
    • A surf bromance with Nick Gornall, Craig Anderson, Dallas Singer and Kai Neville 
    • And so much more…