Science Launch Flex 3 Bodyboard

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  • The launch: The fastest board in the Science Template Series 

    A straighter template designed to be exceedingly fast through all sections with the simple aim to Launch you as high as humanly possible.The Launch also holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must. Aim for a section, be it down the line of a deep pit or towards a lip to accelerate you skyward, The launch will get you there very quickly. 

    Specs: FLEX FACTOR F3

    • Core: Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)
    • Deck:Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck
    • Stringer: 2x Stringer
    • Slick: Surlyn
    • Channels: Slotted Channels
    • Tail: Crescent Tail

      Additional Features:

      • 55/45 Double Rail
      • Nose Bulbs
      • Slick Mesh
      • Tail Piece
          PLEASE NOTE: All Science bodyboards will ship within a week of your order.