Pride Lewy Finnegan Guru PP SDC Bodyboard

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  • The Pride GURU SDC (single to double concave) bodyboard is the latest and greatest. It features the most advanced channel system on the market. A legendary board for a legendary aussie man, the Guru was designed to be as versatile as Lewy Finnegan; without compromise. The 1.9 PCF PP core combined with 1 carbon fibre stringer and a mesh layer at the bottom will give you powerful drive. The Guru is the only choice for riders who own podiums and stack serious footage.

    What is SDC?

    The Single to Double Concave features Pride’s most advanced bottom contour to date. The bottom contours of your bodyboard and how they are blended together, play a big role in how that board is going to perform.

    The Single to Double Concave gives you more speed and greater rail-to-rail control. The single concave upfront provides a good planing surface for drive and the double concave in the rear loosens up the board. The double concave will actually channel the water into two streams through out the tail. This allows you to generate your speed quicker from stalling for the barrel, to eyeing up the end bowl.


    Core- PP

    Slick- Surlyn

    SDC TECHNOLOGY – Single to Double concave channels

    MESH – adds responsiveness and pop to your board. Your boards won’t crease as easy with this in it.

    DECK CONTOURS – Easier to grip and hang on

    SINGLE STRINGER – the perfect setup