No. 6 Jacob Romero LTD Skintech BT Bodyboard

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    The fully tricked out version of the Jacob Romero signature. Last years version was so popular we had created a dual sizing this year. Jacob’s template and a new Skintec™ PP Core with new PRS™ Precision Recoil Stringer creates a strong and incredibly rebounding board when the conditions get demanding. Finish the spec with Surlyn Slick Bottom and Meshed X-Filament and the LTD is one incredible wave destroyer. Available in sizing 42" & 40" Flat Bat Tail versions.


    • Skintec™ PP Core 
    • Surlyn Slick Bottom and Meshed X-Filament
    • Engineered Deck Contour
    • PRS™ Precision Recoil Stringer
    • Flat Bat Tail