No. 6 Jacob Romero PP CT Bodyboard

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Jacob Romero started on Maui mastering his local breaks. Little to his knowledge, those uncrowded breaks were going to lead him to innovation in riding. Without the pressure of fulfilling the standard textbook for riding etiquette, Jacob was free to experiment on his own interpretations of maneuvers which has now lead him down the path to be his own "spearhead". Jacob is ever-longing to control the forces in which we all find unyielding and this truly creates a benchmark of his riding ethic ; innovation and unpredictability ! We find it an honor to create a series for JRom this season mainly because we are one of the few that offer him the materials, the crafting, and the ability to understand what he wants to achieve and the artistic translation he communicates. The new JRom series starts with a powerfully molded and yet snappy 1.9pcf PP (Polypropylene) Core with a 1x single set stringer molded into it’s heart. His signature core is set with his contour mold before it touches the laminator. This process helps to increase the outer crust on the core making the encompassing spec stronger. Finished with our new composition of X-Filament for overall strengthening and shaped with either wingtail or crescent tail with channels.

  • Core: 1.9pcf PP Core
  • Stinger: 1x carbon fibre
  • Deck/Rails: Cellucushion NXL 4mm + 1mm bonding
  • Bottom: Surlyn Slick + X-filament (Mesh) layer
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Channels: Tail Channels
  • Contour Deck