No. 6 Micah McMullin 44" PP Bodyboard

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    No. 6 Micah McMullin Signature 44" PP CT Bodyboard

    Micah 'Da Hammah' McMullin has stayed in the Top Ten by peers and readers polls...Micah's name is sure to come up when it comes to those who have disciplined on the knee. Micah's template is parallel and streamlined ready for speed. We have fulfilled his specification to add an extra 1.5mm of thickness on the core for better buoyancy and drive hence the board staying above the thick of the wave making slashing and throwing buckets easier. Micah utilizes the Staggered stringer technology for better flex patterns across the board. Channels are added for bite and drive. 

    Weight: 4.4lbs
    Dimensions: 44" Length / 11" Nose / 22" NTWP / 22.375" Width / 19.25" Tail
    • 1.9pcf BPP core 
    • 2x Staggered Stringer system
    • 6lb NXL Cellucushion deckskins
    • Channels
    • Nose & Tail Bumpers
    • Surlyn™ bottom skin
    • Crescent Tail
    • 50/50 rails