No. 6 Covenant V3 Elite Bodyboard

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The Covenant has been one of the long standing bench mark models in the No.6 board range. It’s template has been slightly updated every season release with the latest of on the floor technology added to give one of the most contemporary focuses we have to offer in our board range. The Covenant Version 3 Prime features the newest contour deck with elbow reliefs improving grip and cushion support where needed in critical points of impact. A slight concave has been shaped into the tail area to give lift and break water surface tension enabling a quick fast release down the line or scooping into your next maneuver. We have a few friends in the industry and the crew at Limited Edition has lent us their PRS™ (Precision Recoil Stringer) technology. This specially crafted stringer starts at a smaller diameter graduating into a wider diameter near the tail creating a unique flex point where it is the most critical. Couple that technology with a Skintec™ layering and you have an unparalleled recoil machine ready to take on ANY condition !


  • PP Contoured Core w Mesh Reinforcement Layering Skintec
  • 1 x Precision Recoil Stringer
  • Channels
  • Bat Tail