Mike Stewart Science Launch LTD Bodyboard

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The fastest board in our lineup. A straighter template designed to be exceedingly fast through all sections with the simple aim to launch you as high as humanly possible. The Launch also holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Wavecushion Air 8LB PE deck, 55/45 rails, Dupont Surlyn slick (An elastic, scratch resistant surface that enhances the projection of the energy core for greater speed out of your turns), crescent tail, 1X RCS stringer (The perfect balance of strength and recoil. Provides unhindered flex and projection. It works in perfect symmetry with the Energy Core adding durability), Energy core (Polypropylene: The best bodyboarding performance properties in a core that are currently available. Unmatched projection and strength to weight ratio), deck contours, graduated channels, nose bulbs, deck over mesh, slick oval mesh, screened deck, slick print and LTD deck heat stamp.

PLEASE NOTE: All Science bodyboards will ship within a week of your order.