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Jacob Romero Signature BT Bodyboard

The Jacob Romero Signature BT Bodyboard is ideal for experienced riders. It features a drivey template that allows for quick reactions and fast turns. Core set up and mesh reinforcement for enhanced snap and recoil provide ultimate control of the board, while the Surlyn Slick Bottom and contoured top deck maximize performance. This pro-level, No.6 board is the perfect choice for fast and unpredictable riding.

Jacob Romero Signature BT Bodyboard Features:

• Imperial PP [Polypropylene] core
• 1x Grade A Tubular Stringer system
• 6lb NXL Cellucushion deckskins
• X Filament Mesh Layering
• Channels
• Nose & Tail Bumpers
• Surlyn™ bottom skin
• Crescent Tail
• 60/40 rails


40" Length / 11.25" Nose / 20" NTWP / 20.25" Width / 17.25" Tail

42" Length / 12" Nose / 21" NTWP / 21.25" Width / 18.25" Tail

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