Hardy Shapes Modern PP ISS Bodyboard

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  • Only 1 41.5" Midnight Blue/Silver left in stock - order soon.


    • Kinetic PP core
    • ISS
    • Thumb grooves (rail)
    • Suryln bottom
    • Channels AKU CNC
    • Nose bulbs
    • The freedom of choice to choose your stringers flex


    Ryan Hardy’s riding style requires a fast, strong board that will go where his mind desires and the modern series provides exactly that.It contains the classic Hardy shape with additional high-performance features in Ryan’s current colorways. 

    “I’m amped to offer my shape to the bodyboarding world through the
    Hardy Shapes collection. My boards have been refined through Todd’s
    shaping expertise over the past 15 years, we have created a shape that is
    fast, responsive and will perform well in all conditions particularly when
    the waves are hollow and powerful” Ryan Hardy