DaFiN Zak Noyle Warrior Swim Fins

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  • Just in time for the 4th of July, DaFiN launches the Zak Noyle Warrior color way benefitting One More Wave. One More Wave provides wounded, and disabled veterans access to surfing by providing them customized surfing equipment and assistance. Over the last decade, veteran suicide has taken a dramatic increase. Nearly 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Approximately 1900 veterans are thought to have taken their own lives in just 2014 alone. From 2001-2014, a total of 1,573 veterans had a major limb amputation from injuries sustained during Operation New Dawn, Operation Iraqi Freed, and Operation Enduring Freedom. One More Wave’s mission is to afford the disabled veteran community with ocean therapy by providing them with custom surf equipment. The goal is to make a difference to our wounded & disabled veterans through ocean therapy and decrease the number of veteran suicides. There is always "One More Wave.” In recognition of its service to the disabled veteran community, Zak will donate 100% of his royalties from this Zak Noyle Signature fin to One More Wave. 

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