Custom X XR1 Revolution Series Bodyboard

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All Custom X Revolution Series models will feature Custom X's M Core hybrid foam with mesh overlay. Custom X developed M Core to provide a super stiff core material with lightweight properties. The mesh acts as an added stiffener that runs the length and width of the board. It also acts as an extra layer for dent protection. In addition we add one or two of our graphite stringers depending on the size of the board.Top shaper/designer PMA has pulled out all the stops on these new models to provide for high performance . Every part of the board was designed to work perfectly with the buoyancy of this core. From the rail angles, rail degrees, thickness, templates, tails, etc., every inch of each model is designed for today’s contemporary riding.

  • Crescent Tail Or Bat Tail
  • Nose to tail deck grips
  • Thumb bar Slick grips Nose and tail bumpers
  • Mesh on deck and bottom 
  • Angled channels
  • Double stringers
  • 41” x 11.1/4+x 20.1/2” x 17.1/2”
  • 42” x 11.5/8” x 20.7/8” x 17.7/8”