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    In 2003out of a small garage in Southern California, bodyboarding would change forever when Eddie Solomon launched the 662 Brand. The passion and dedication Eddie devoted towards bodyboarding will never be duplicated. A tireless soldier, never was he discouraged in realizing his dreams as a successful businessman, world traveler and expert wave rider. Quickly, he became an idol to legions of fans. In Loving Memory of Eddie Solomon, Founder and Creator of 662 Bodyboard Shop,  Bodyboarder Magazine, Empire Bodyboards, Ally and ERS4 Swim Fins, and Ally Sporting Goods today known as ES Water Sports. 
                                                                                     - Kind words by Keith Sasaki
    662 Mob ES Tribute Tee
    • White
    • Men's T-Shirt 100% Cotton 
    • Photo- Danny Black