662 Mini Kick Board 21" - Double Pack

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  • The only thing thats better than the 662 Mini Kickboard is 2 662 Mini Kickboards!!

    The 21" 662 Mini Kick Board is a soft foam kick board that is excellent for all types of aquatic exercise and activities.

    La Mini Tabla Para Patalear 662 (662 Mini Kick Boards) Es una tabla para patalear de foam suave que es excelente para todo tipo de ejercicios y activiadades acuaticas. Es perfecta para la playa o la piscina!

    Not your average Kick board. Built like a bodyboard so it can withstand multiple types of uses.
    It’s perfect for any swim or body surf session, whether in the ocean, pool or lake. It’s perfect for all ages.
    •High-density slick bottom for speed
    •EPS epic core
    •XPE CROSSLINK DECK MATERIAL: A super fine cell structure made for the outer skin, crosslink is a foam
    characterized by its denser, more compact feel, and unwillingness to absorb water.
    •Best quality mini kick board on the market!
    Made for all ages! Enjoy!

    Ships with 2 662 Mini Kicks in assorted colors. You wont get 2 of the same color mini kick!