Viper Vector V7 Surf Swim Fins

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Introducing the new Viper Vector! They are made with a new High-Tech material. It is the same material their factory uses to make SCUBA fins for US Special Forces. The V-7 MODEL is a seven inch blade with full length side rails for maximum power and thrust. This model has the fastest prolonged speed and produces excellent wave stability. It uses a longer, more powerful kick and is 100% recyclable, extremely durable, very lightweight, floats on the surface, and is ozone resistant. - Strong thrust for strong take-offs and for deep duck-diving. - Fast open water speed for returning to the lineup, and when making rescues. - Lightweight allows for quicker changes of direction, and more radical maneuvers. - Highly visible in the roughest conditions. -XSmall 5-7 -Small 7-8 -Medium 8-9 -Large 9-11 -Xlarge 11-13