No. 6 Imperial Idol Skintech CT Bodyboard

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  • The Idol has been one of our models with a strong identity crisis. It's parallel lines draw tight lines in the pocket and set for speed runs on feathering run-a-ways. This year the Idol takes on it's royal lineage and takes in our latest technology called Skintec™. A strong proprietary polymer layer lies under the top deck that provides a balanced tension from tip to tip, edge to edge and completely turns this model into a rebounding machine. We have coupled the Skintec™ layer with a mesh composite x-filament for extra tension creating one of our best boards for colder water conditions and those who love to sit in the pocket or ride quick wedges. The Idol absolutely still holds a stalwart rigidity meant for any condition. We finish the Idol with a fine crafting of NXL Cellucusion deck and rails with Surlyn™ slick bottom. Available in either 42.5″ or 41.5″ sizes.


    • PP Core with Mesh Layering Technology
    • Skintec Stringerless Technology