VS Dave Winchester PP ISS 39.5" Bodyboard

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  • VS Dave Winchester PP ISS 39.5" Bodyboard 

    A size 39.5" board is suitable for a rider weighing 86-115 lbs and anywhere between 4'6" to 5'3" tall.

    Dave Winchester has brought so much style, versatility & all round talent to the VS team. Winchester has created this model for the those riders after a version of his very own template. Winchester has a legion of fans through his explosive yet elegant wave riding. This model is a great choice if you dream of riding like Dave Winchester one day.

    • Kinetic PP Core
    • 8lb PE Decking
    • Surlyn PP Slick 
    • Interchangeable Stringer System (Board comes with one standard flex stringer, additional flex's sold separately)
    • Nose Bulbs
    • Channels
    • XFL Crosslink Bumpers
    • Crescent Tail


    The ISS Interchangeable Stringer System-
    Revolutionizes bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine tune the flex of their board to better suit the wave and water conditions. Using patented load and lock technology, ISS stringers are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS range of stringers utilize the latest in composite construction and manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers virtually the full spectrum of a riders flex requirement.