Sniper Iain Infinity Flex NRG Bodyboard

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  • Sniper IAIN NRG- INFINITY Bodyboard

    Iain Campbell- Straight from ZAF, the 2017 World Champ IAIN is the new APB sensation with 7 podium on 8 possible, and dominated the tour with his power?ÿ& style. For 2018 Iain decided to join the Sniper council, creating the bodyboard range a World Champ needs to succeed.?ÿ

    Core: NRG
    Slick: Surlyn
    Deck: Pro Cell
    Insert: Infinity Frame
    Stringer: 1x NXT Stringer
    Tail: Crescent
    Rails: 45/55
    Bumpers: Yes
    Tail Patch
    Contour Deck
    NXT Channels
    Nose Bulbs

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