NMD Player Trinity Concave PFS-T WiFly V2 Bodyboard

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  • NMD Ben Player WiFly V2 PFS-T w/ C3 Trinity Concave Design Bodyboard

    • Core: Parabolic Gen 3 PFT Core 
    • Stringer: CFT Stringer
    • Deck: Wave Cushion 8lb PE Deck
    • Slick: Surlyn Slick
    • React Mesh: Diamond shaped mesh weave fused between the boards core and slick bottom for enhanced stiffness and recoil.

    Additional Features: Parallel Flex System, BP Signature Template, Trinity Concave Channels, BP Line Contour, React Slick Mesh, 55/45 Double Rails, XFL Nose & Tail Armour, Bull Grips, Hand Finished, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination.

    This is what Ben has to say about his model:

    "In surfing I am constantly trying to refine my surfing. Every wave I catch and every section that I hit has been an opportunity for betterment. This season of NMD boards is a representation of this with and 25 years of refinement I have made the template that I think is the best that can be made. It's straight so it's easy to gain and maintain speed and the cores are second to none for any condition. These two factors combine to give you a versatile and elite wave riding vehicle that I am proud to put my name to."

    NMD has defined innovation since Nick Mesritz started shaping. The Trinity Concave WiFly 2.0 is the pinnacle of Bodyboards. Continue reading below to become super educated.


    Incorporating our patented PFS™ technology, the WiFly V2 features an angled beam setup. Running from the tip of the Deep V Tail, toed-in towards the nose, it made total sense to us that by aligning the PFS beams directly in-line with the hip, elbow and hand, it would allow for greater loading of the beams during turns and therefore more recoil/ projection when pressure is released.


    A single concave from wide-point to tail is integrated with a double concave running along the inside edge of the tapered PFS beams. Designed to keep the board on rail, with better release for quicker directional changes.

    This design is meant to be ridden 1/2” longer than a normal board. If you normally ride a 41.5”, you ride a 42” WiFly V2. On the WiFly V2 the tail is extended to give more volume. The extended 1/2” length is vitally important to how this board performs. 

    Available sizes for NMD Player WiFly V2: (order half size up)

    41.5” (41” template + 1/2” tail extension)
    42” (41.5” template + 1/2” tail extension)
    42.5” (42" template + 1/2” tail extension)
    43.5” (43” template + 1/2” tail extension)


    click here for help with sizing! 

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