Science Pro Tech 2X Bodyboard

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  • Mike Stewart Science Pro Tech 2X Bodyboard

    The Pro Tech shape is super fast, with enough curve to give you the control you need to destroy sections and blast airs on any wave, big or small. The Pro Tech's flex is dialed in to match the smaller scale of this board. 


    • Cellucushion 8LB PE deck
    • 55/45 rails
    • HDPE slick (Provides a durable and hard wearing layer, which creates speed and stiffness
    • Crescent tail
    • 2X REX stringer (The perfect balance of strength and recoil, providing unhindered flex and projection)
    • PE Core (Polyethylene is the original bodyboard core; a softer, energy absorbing core that, when combined with the correct materials, is ideal for keeping things smooth in choppy surf and colder water), graduated channels, nose bulbs, screened deck and slick print.

    For over forty years, bodyboarding icon Mike Stewart has dedicated his life to the progression of our sport. The wealth of experience and knowledge he's gained along the way are the foundation on which Science Bodyboards are built. Behind every board is a passionate team of bodyboarders, focused on the harmony of art and science, with the collective goal of building the best bodyboards in the world.

    Please note: All Science Bodyboards will ship within a week of your order.