662 //Drew Brophy- ES Would Go HD 42.5"

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  • The 662 HD Graphic 42.5" Bodyboard features:

    LOGIC CORE: Logic core is the lightest and strongest foam core used for Bodyboards. Tough and durable with 10x the performance life compared to most Bodyboards.
    FIBER TECH STRINGER: The Stringer is a fiberglass rod inserted into the center of the board. It is used to add strength, increase stiffness, and help maintain a good rocker, substantially lengthening the life of the Bodyboard.
    CUSTOM ART GRAPHIC SLICK: Designed by world famous surf artist, Drew Brophy.
    FULL CONTOUR DECK: Contour configurations improve your grip and lock your body into the position on the Bodyboard adding comfort and control for your elbows, hands, forearms, hips, and also lower torso. Once most people go contoured, they never go back!
    BAT TAIL: The bat tail looks like a wingspan of a bat, it has a hump in the middle at the tail and goes out compared to in like the "U" shaped crescent. Bat Tails increase your riding speed and make it easier to do 360 spinners.
    CHANNELS: When Bodyboarding, the section of the board that is in contact the most with the water is the back corner. Channels increase the surface area of the slick maximizing contact with the wave which gives the rider the ability to draw better lines, hold a rail better and apply more power turns.
    XPE CROSSLINK DECK MATERIAL: A super fine cell structure made for the outer skin, crosslink is a foam characterized by it's denser, more compact feel, and unwillingness to absorb water. Very durable deck and rail foam material.
    60/40 DOUBLE RAILS: Adding an additional side rail on the Bodyboard gives more stiffness and durability to the bodyboard. 60/40 is the rail angle ratio which provides the control of the Bodyboard and makes turning on the wave easier.
    DOUBLE SWIVELED COIL LEASH: The double swivels keep the coiled leash from tangling up. The leash features a strong 3/4" polyurethane cord and a well padded slim line wrist strap.

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