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The Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard

Tristan Roberts Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
Tristan Roberts Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

The Realest is Tristan Roberts (2019 World Champion) Pro-Model. 

Realest: adjective - term created by Tupac Shakur to describe a state of being honest, truthful, raw and respected.⁣⁣
A word that suits both Tristan Roberts and his riding to perfection, also inspired by his love for 90s hip-hop.

This model, equipped with Radial Flex & Single to Double concave, mesh & surlyn slick has more volume than other pro-model in our range. It is also the most advanced technology allowing the greatest speed, durability and projection. 


  • Tristan Roberts Signature Template
  • Core- POLYPROPYLENE (PP) Radial Flex- read below for more details.
  • SDC SYSTEM- Line Contour Deck- read below for more details.
  • SURLYN® Slick Bottom- Surlyn is a unique, rubber like combination of ethylene resins and other copolymers invented and manufactured by the chemical geniuses at DuPont. Unlike rigid plastics, Surlyn has amazing flexural stiffness that allows a board to conform and contort to the curve of the wave when controlled by applied pressure from the rider. When the torque is released, the dynamic memory properties of the Surlyn deliver instant recoil, projecting the board onto the next section. Surlyn is so strong that it is used as the cover for golf balls due to its unique abilities to resist cutting and abrasions from golf club impact. Surlyn is the slick of choice for high end bodyboards.
  • REACT MESH - Diamond shaped mesh weave fused between the boards core and slick bottom skin for enhanced stiffness and recoil.
  • 1X CFT STRINGER- A high-grade filament wound composite-fiber tube rod placed inside of the core of the board for increased board strength and spring-like recoil.
  • Clipped CRESCENT TAIL  The clipped crescent tail is the most popular crescent tail option.  This tail will perform when driving, turning, carving and releasing. Clipping the tail allows the rider to maximize their drive and maintain control through the outer concaves and clipped areas.
  • Tail Piece
  • Realest Deck Contours
  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • NOSE AND TAIL BUMPERS- Extra padding along the edge of the board to give extra strength and durability, making your board last much longer.


Radial Flex Meets Single to Double Concave

We’ve coupled our most advanced technologies to bring you the most high-end board ever made.

The Radial Flex® has been developed by the Pride Lab® in order to distribute the structural weight of the rider ideally on the board. It also allows to keep some flex under the elbow, where you need it the most, while making it stiffer on the lower two thirds of the board.

The Single to Double concave has been designed to maximize the water flow under your board – which gives you more speed. The combination of both gave birth to the most functional and effective board on the market. The Single to Double concave has been adapted to perfectly fit the Dynamic Arc® shape while maximizing both technologies’ amazing properties. We thoroughly tested the board throughout the year and it’s working magic.

SDC- Single to Double Concave= Water Flow Maximized

Some very basic fluid mechanics principles have been adapted to our case by our Pride Lab engineers. “When the water flow goes from a bigger section to a smaller section, the flow speed decreases and the pressure increases.” “Using this principle as an analogy to what happens below our boards (if water is coming from both side of the board), if the perimeter of the concave narrows, water will encounter resistance at the end of the concave creating a pressure which push up the board creating more lift. As a result, having a concave will add a greater sense of lift. Which also means more speed in smaller conditions." The Double Concave is coupled with the classic deep Hull channels.  

Radial Flex® was developed using the latest CAD software with integrated Generative Structural Analysis, allowing us to observe how a board reacts under typical wave riding load and flexion. The data showed us that when the rider pulls up on the nose of the board, the resulting structural load is directed through to the elbow in a radial pattern, and not in a direct line from hand to elbow.

Based on these findings we have developed the Dynamic Arc® technology. Constructed from a single beam of lightweight, high-tensile Divinycell structural foam, the Dynamic Arc® has been configured to disperse the structural load along its vertical surface.

By extending the natural curve of the Dynamic Arc® through to the tail of the board, we were also able to create a unique load-bearing frame that not only enables instant transfer from compression load to projection, but also distributes impact stresses, such as those caused by heavy landings, along the entire length of the frame.

Manufactured in Indonesia at Broady Indonesia, home of the best shapers in the world and the leader of Bodyboard Quality and Technology.

    Tristan Roberts Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
    Tristan Roberts Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop
    Realest Radial Flex SDC Bodyboard - 662 Bodyboard Shop

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