NMD Ben Player PFS3 Quad Concave ISS Bodyboard

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  • NMD Player PFS3 Quad Concave ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System) Bodyboard



    This very top of the line board features:

    PFS3 Parallel Flex System
    Core- Parabolic Gen 3 PFS Core
    Surlyn Slick with Mesh
    Quad Concave
    ISS (Board comes with one standard flex stringer, additional flex's sold separately)
    Nose Bulbs
    XFL Crosslink Bumpers
    Crescent Tail

    The ISS Interchangeable Stringer System revolutionizes bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine tune the flex of their board to better suit the wave and water conditions. Using patented load and lock technology, ISS stringers are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS range of stringers utilize the latest in composite construction and manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers virtually the full spectrum of a riders flex requirement.

    Quad Concave
    Design Principle 1- The Centre Double Concave
    The water flow is directed through the middle of the board and the 3 raised ridges act like a thruster fin set-up of sorts, helping to hold a higher line on the wave face/ reducing side slip. A higher line means more speed when you drop into your turns and gives you more chance of exiting barrels.

    Design Principle 2- The Outer Channels
    The channels have a wide entry point which draws the water flow into the channel with minimum disturbance. The water flow is then funneled through a narrower exit which reduces drag and improves edge/ rail control. Channel 101: narrow entry with a wide exit = disturbed water flow and drag. Wide entry with a narrow exit = undisturbed water flow and reduced drag.

    The QuadConcave is precision shaped on our custom built AKU CNC shaping machine. The AKU gives us the ability to design progressive channel and concave set-ups with incredible accuracy and consistency previously not possible by hand shaping.