Empire Andre Botha PP 4X Channel Bodyboard

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    Empire Andre Botha PP 4X Channel Bodyboard

    Andre Botha has proved himself to not only be one of the best competitive riders in the world, winning back to back World Titles at ages 17, and 18, but he is also known as one of the heaviest chargers in the world. His relaxed surfing style paired with his ability to ride the craziest waves in the world has made him into one of the most dynamic riders the sport has ever seen. His template is designed with one thing mind, pulling into the biggest barrels possible.  

    Tech Specs

    Constructed from premium grade 1.9lb density Arpro Polypropylene resins, Kinetic Core™ delivers amazing projection and response as a result of high pressure cell-fusion created during the blank manufacturing process. Kinetic Core is a warm water core available in various reinforcement configurations, each tuned-in for specific wave conditions. 

    Classic 45º angle on a 385º radius cut making it loose and responsive. CNC cut for maximum precision.

    8pcf non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.

    4X Channels - Providing more speed, more control and a better chance to exit the barrel. 

    Two CFT Stringer - High-grade filament wound composite-fibre tube for increased board strength and spring-like recoil.

    Buzz-Tech process hot air lamination system thermo-fuses the outer skins to the core with calibrated pre and post-set rocker tension for optimum board recoil and projection.

    CAD designed templates precision cut with CNC shaping machines allow for superior accuracy and consistency. Skilled craftsmen sand, trim, rail and roll each and every board for a high quality finish.


    • Kinetic PP Core
    • 8lb PE Decking
    • Surlyn PP Slick w/ Mesh
    • 4X Channels 
    • Double Stringers 
    • Channels
    • XFL Crosslink Bumpers
    • Crescent Tail
    • Botha Signature Deck Contours