Ally Swim Fins Clark Little Edition Grey/Fuchsia/Black

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"After using several different types of fins in the shore break, I have concluded that Ally is the ultimate swim fin for me." - Clark Little


The signature Clark Little Ally Floating Swim Fin comes in four exclusive tri-blend color ways:

Grey/ Fuchsia/Black

Signature fins come with removable Clark Little deluxe fin pads with tethers, for maximum comfort and ocean enjoyment.

Made of natural rubbers that float well in the ocean.
Stiff fin blade reinforced with two rods provide maximum thrust and power with every kick.
Traction grip Bottom with Toe-exit drain hole.
Curved Ankle strap decreasing irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball which improves comfort

**FREE Ally CL Deluxe Fin Pads w/ tethers and Clark Little Sticker Included**


Available in sizes:

Small 5-6.5
Medium 7-8.5
Medium/Large 9-10.5
Large 11-12.5
Extra Large 13.5-14.5